Why Staying Ahead of the Curve is Crucial For Drug Testing

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In the ever-evolving landscape of substance use and abuse, staying ahead of emerging drug trends is crucial for ensuring public safety and supporting individuals in recovery. At 12 Panel Now, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of drug testing technology, offering cutting-edge solutions that adapt to the changing dynamics of drug use. 

Our latest innovations in zaza drug testing include detection for new substances like ZaZa and Kratom, helping to maintain integrity in drug testing processes and support recovery efforts.

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Understanding the Need for Advanced Drug Testing

Substance abuse is a pervasive issue that affects countless lives across the globe. Traditional drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine remain prevalent, but new substances frequently emerge, presenting additional challenges for drug testing and enforcement. 

ZaZa and Kratom are two such substances that have gained popularity in recent years. Both are often marketed as “natural” or “legal” alternatives to more regulated drugs, making them attractive options for those attempting to circumvent traditional drug tests.

What are ZaZa and Kratom?

ZaZa, also known as Tianeptine, is a substance that mimics the effects of opioids and has been linked to numerous cases of addiction and abuse. Despite its dangers, ZaZa is often sold in gas stations and online, where it is marketed as a dietary supplement or research chemical. Looking for a tianeptine drug test? Contact us today!

Similarly, Kratom, a plant-derived substance, has psychoactive properties and is used by some individuals to self-manage opioid withdrawal symptoms or as a recreational drug. While Kratom remains legal in many areas, it poses significant health risks and has been associated with dependency and withdrawal symptoms. Looking for a drug test for Kratom? We’ve got you covered!

Cutting-Edge Drug Tests for New Substances

At 12 Panel Now, we have recognized the growing concern surrounding these new substances and have developed advanced drug tests to detect their presence accurately. Our drug tests now include Zaza drug test kits and Kratom drug test kits., ensuring that these emerging drugs are not overlooked. 

This proactive approach helps to keep the drug testing process comprehensive and reliable, supporting efforts to maintain safe, drug-free environments in workplaces, rehabilitation centers, and other critical settings.

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Addressing the Challenge of Gas Station Drugs

One of the significant challenges in drug testing is the rise of so-called “gas station drugs” – substances that are easily accessible and often used to evade traditional drug screenings. Individuals in recovery, in particular, may turn to these substances in an attempt to cheat the system. 

This not only undermines the recovery process but also poses severe risks to their health and well-being. Our advanced drug tests are designed to counter this issue by accurately detecting these substances, providing a robust tool for maintaining the integrity of drug testing protocols.

Supporting Recovery and Ensuring Safety

For those in recovery, the temptation to use substances like ZaZa and Kratom can be a significant hurdle. Ensuring that drug tests can detect these substances is vital for supporting their journey towards sobriety. By providing reliable and comprehensive drug testing solutions, 12 Panel Now helps to create an environment where individuals can receive the support they need, free from the influence of harmful substances.

Commitment to Innovation and Public Safety

At 12 Panel Now, our mission is to contribute to public safety and support individuals in their efforts to overcome substance abuse. We achieve this by continuously innovating our drug testing technologies to keep pace with emerging drug trends. Our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions ensures that our clients have access to the most effective tools for detecting a wide range of substances, including new and evolving drugs like ZaZa and Kratom.


The landscape of drug use is constantly changing, presenting new challenges for those involved in drug testing and recovery support. At 12 Panel Now, we are committed to staying on the pulse of the streets, adapting our drug tests to detect emerging substances and helping to maintain safe, drug-free environments. By addressing the rise of gas station drugs and ensuring comprehensive drug testing, we support individuals in recovery and contribute to the broader goal of public safety.  Looking for a drug test for kratom or zaza? Contact us today to get started!