How To Buy the Best Drug Testing Kit

Understanding Drug Testing Kits

Drug Abuse is one of the most widespread concerns that affect almost every country in the world.  Even if you are not a substance abuser, you may still find yourself submitting a drug test, or using a drug test kit to qualify for employment.  Perhaps, you have found yourself in the position of a drug test administrator for the first time.

Using Drug Testing Kits for the first time may be intimidating; even the idea of working with one may prove to be a bit anxiety-inducing.  Like anything, it’s always less scary once you understand and familiarize yourself with how it works!  There are a few important things to keep in mind before you start the drug testing process.

There Are Many Types of Drug Testing Kits

It’s important to keep in mind that there are many different kinds of drug testing kits.  Some of these kits are more advantageous to use than others, depending on the circumstance.  Today’s drug tests have become very accurate, and far more sophisticated than years ago.

There are several kinds of tests that are used by both clinic administrators and law enforcement respectively.  These include Urine Drug Screening Test, Hair Follicle Test, and Oral Swab Test to mention a few.  Each type of device has it’s benefits – depending on the circumstances of the testing.  How so?

Here is a list of a few types of common Drug Testing Kits available, and the reasons why you would choose one, or the other!

Urine Drug Test

Urine Drug Screening Tests otherwise known as Urine Drug Tests, and Urinalysis Tests are all fast and easy ways to detect substances within a urine specimen sample.  Now the preferred method of screening used by law enforcement and transportation industries, Urine Drug Testing has become the staple tool in identifying drug use as well as verifying sobriety.  Why is this method of drug testing so preferred?

Ease of Use

Firstly, the mechanism behind a drug testing cup is relatively simple.  Contained within the drug testing cup is a collection of testing strips.  These testing strips react with the urine specimen providing the test results on the strip itself.

Second, the test results can be viewed rather quickly.  Once the donor submits their urine specimen to the test administrator, they would be able to peel back the label on the face of the cup within a few minutes, revealing the test results.

The test results for most urine drug tests are meant to be evaluated within 5-10 minutes, so this is an ideal test when time is of concern.  Also, if the administrator needs to test multiple individuals, this would be a time-efficient way to achieve the desired results.

Fast Results

Results of the 12 Panel Drug Test Cup can be viewed in as little as two minutes or less, although it is recommended that you assess the urine specimen five minutes after the drug test has been taken. Do not wait longer than eight minutes to interpret the result.

The 12 Panel Drug Test cup should be stored in a temperature-regulated room between 36 degrees and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not remove the drug test cups from their seals until they’re ready for use.


Finally, urine drug tests aren’t particularly costly depending on how you make the purchase and whom you make the purchase from.  Some urinalysis tests can be found at your local pharmacy.  They may cost between $20 and $30 per cup.  However, if you order your urine test cup from a wholesale distributor like 12 Panel Now, you’ll be able to find Single-Use Tests for as low as $4.69 per cup.

If you find yourself in the administrator position and require drug tests in bulk, you’ll find 6 Panel drug testing cups on 12 Panel Now’s website for as low as $1.69 per cup.

Where Do I Start?

Whether you are looking to screen yourself or test someone else, you’ll first want to identify what exactly you are screening for.  Though there are many varieties of Urine Drug Tests available, some are configured for certain types of screening.

For instance, if you are looking to verify sobriety with regards to Cocaine, you might want to search for a Urine Drug Test that detects Cocaine/ COC Strips.  However, if you are looking to screen for additional substances like alcohol (ETG Strips), 12 Panel Now has buying options that provide both such as 12 Panel Urine Drug Test Cup + ETG

One of the most popular Urine Drug Testing Kits is the 12 Panel Drug Testing Cup.  This testing kit detects up to 12 different substances.

These include:

  • Amphetamine
  • Barbiturates
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Buprenorphine
  • Cocaine
  • Ecstasy
  • Marijuana
  • Methadone
  • Opiates/Morphine
  •  Oxycodone
  •  Methamphetamine
  • Tricyclic Antidepressants

The number of “Panels” in a urine drug test’s description indicates how many drugs are detected in that particular test.  12 Panel Now, a national wholesale seller of drug tests, offers 14 Panel Urine Drug Test.  This means that this test detects up to 14 different substances in the urine.

Urine Drug Tests are Ideal for Those Who:

  • Need test results Quickly
  • Need Drug Tests that are Cost-Efficient
  • Need to Test for Many/Multiple Drugs

Urine Drug Tests are easily accessible, and certainly a cost-effective way to perform a drug screening.  If you are looking to purchase either Single-Use Urine Drug Test or Bulk Drug Testing Kits, visit 12 Panel Now’s website for more information!

Oral Swab Drug Test

Oral Swab Test, known to some as a Mouth Swab Test is another Drug Testing option that is just as easy to use as Urine Drug Tests.  Results are accurate and fast, and this is the preferred method of screening for many large companies in the United States.

Like Urine Drug Tests, an Oral Swab Drug test can detect one or multiple substances.  12 Panel Now provides 10 Panel Oral Swab Test – which means these tests detect 10 different substances.  The process is relatively simple and provides results in under 10 minutes.

Ease of Use

The mechanics behind most Mouth Swab tests are relatively simple.  After the collection stick is removed, the test cube is then unwrapped from the sealed pouch.   The person being tested is usually instructed to not eat, consume, or place anything in their mouth 10 minutes prior to testing.  The collection stick and sponge are inserted into the mouth for a period of 3 minutes.

After the 3 minutes have passed, the collection stick is then placed into the test cube.  Once the test cube lid is closed, a period of two minutes should pass before evaluating test results.

Fast Results

Mouth Swab Drug Tests can detect substances and indicate results in under 10 minutes.  This makes the whole process very convenient while maintaining an acceptable accuracy level.

12 Panel Now offers Oral Swab Drug Tests,  in bulk quantity or for single use. If you are concerned about how someone will fare on a Drug Test, or simply wish to test yourself, it’s a fairly easy process taking only a few minutes.  Our Oral Swab Drug Tests tests for 10 commonly abused drugs. THC, AMP, mAMP/MET, COC, OPI, BAR, BUP, BZO, OXY, and PCP

Oral Swab Tests, however, have an added measure of security.  How so?

Difficult to Adulterate

There has always been an ongoing issue of adulterating drug test specimen.  This is when the donor, presumably behind closed doors, falsifies a drug test.  This happens more so with urine drug tests due to the private nature of how the specimen is provided.  Because of this problem, many states have made it illegal to sell any substances used to defraud or falsify the drug screening process.  This includes the sale of synthetic urine or any other substances that can be used to adulterate the specimen.

However, this doesn’t completely prevent the problem of adulterated urine drug tests as a whole, though it certainly helps combat fraudulent test results.  This is another reason why companies and administrators may decide to use a Mouth Swab Drug Test in place of a Urine Drug Test.

The process is simple: the mouth swab is used to collect the saliva along the inner cheek. Then, you simply secure the sample with a snap swab cap and transport it to a lab for confirmation if necessary. Otherwise, results are indicated on the panels inside.

Oral Swab Drug Tests are Ideal for Those Who:

  • Need test results Quickly
  • Need to Test for Many/Multiple Drugs
  • Need a Test that is Difficult to Adulterate

Drug Testing Strips

Drug testing strips are what make up a urine drug test, or urinalysis tests.  There is an enormous variety of strips – each type of strip is used to detect one kind of substance.  A few of the more popular testing strips test for drugs like THC, Methamphetamines, Cocaine, Kratom and more.  Testing strips are a great option if you are in the position to administer a drug test to many individuals but only need to test for a few specific drugs.

Fast Results

Results of the Drug Test Strips can be viewed in as little as two minutes or less, although it is recommended that the urine specimen is evaluated within five minutes after the drug test has been taken. Do not wait longer than eight minutes to interpret the result.  Because Drug Testing Strips are the components that make up the Urine Drug Testing kits, the process is similar, as well as the turnaround for test results.

The Drug Test Strips should be stored in a temperature-regulated room between 36 degrees and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. It is important not to remove the drug test strips from their seals until they’re ready for use.


Drug Test strips are relatively inexpensive, just like urine drug testing cups.  Most of the drug testing strips are sold in packs, however, if you are able to find a single strip, the pricing is usually around a dollar, sometimes less.  It is more cost-effective to purchase the strips in packs. 

If you find yourself in the administrator position and require drug tests in bulk, you’ll find 6 Panel drug testing cups on 12 Panel Now’s website for as low as $1.69 per cup.

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