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Drug Test Cups

With the availability of illegal drugs, organizations must have a way of weeding out people who would likely be under the influence at some point. At 12 Panel Now, we believe businesses should be informed about the illegal drug habits of their employees. This is particularly true now given the prevalence of substance abuse in our communities.

Reliable Instant Drug Test

12 Panel Now provides reliable instant drug tests for businesses and other organizations that need people who are not using drugs. We offer the best drug test. And because we sell in bulk, your savings will add up if you need to conduct multiple tests. For convenience, we sell drug test cups and urine cup drug tests, also in bulk for maximum savings. At 12 Panel Now we provide our valued customers with exceptional products that give reliable results you can count on.

Quality Constructed Drug Tests

For maximum reliability, drug screen cups should be constructed of durable material that won’t damage the urine sample. Indeed, false results from a drug screen test cup could mean that people lose their jobs and receive negative reputations. Consequently, we are committed to providing accurate testing for employee screening. At 12 Panel Now, we see first-hand how illegal drugs are ruining our communities. To this end, we want to be a change-maker in our communities with a quality constructed multi-drug rapid test cup. Our drug test kit lets you hire with peace of mind.

Bulk Drug Testing Cups

At 12 Panel Now we understand the complexities of drug testing hundreds and even thousands of employees. To facilitate those businesses and organizations that need several drug testing kits, we provide rapid and accurate drug testing kits at bulk prices. We are an American company based in Florida in a community devastated by drug abuse. With more than 2 million drug testing cups in stock, 12 Panel Now is ready for any bulk order. Call and find out how to get bulk drug tests at less than two dollars a test or less. We pride ourselves on offering quality testing that provides accurate results in minutes, not days! And with bulk pricing and fast shipping, your employees can be ready for compliance quickly without disrupting workflows.

Screening Results

The 12 Panel Now urine drug test cup is sterile and guaranteed not to provide a contaminated specimen. Likewise, results can be viewed without opening the sample. This ensures a sterile testing environment for accurate results. There are no confusing codes to interpret. Test results are displayed as either positive, negative, or invalid.

Best Price Guarantee

12 Panel Now offers the best price guarantee and free same-day shipping. As an American company, we understand how important drug testing is to your compliance issues. Don’t leave liability to chance. You can depend on our rapid result urine cup drug test for reliable results in minutes. When you take advantage of bulk pricing, your drug screen cups can be on hand whenever you need them.

Free Delivery

12 Panel Now wants to be your regular drug testing supplier. Our tests look for many illegal substances. Plus with free delivery and same-day shipping, your drug tests will be on your shelf ready for use in no time.