The Importance of Testing for Adulterants


When it comes to drug testing, the presence of adulterants can have a significant impact on the accuracy and reliability of the results. Adulterants are substances added to urine samples by individuals attempting to manipulate the drug test results. These substances can interfere with the testing process, leading to both false positive and false negative outcomes.

By testing for adulterants, laboratories can identify attempts to manipulate the results and ensure the integrity of the testing process. Adulterant detection drug tests are a cost-effective way to catch tampering in as little as one minute. Early detection of adulterants allows for the proper handling of the sample and prevents incorrect test results that could have serious consequences for individuals and organizations.

Impact of Adulterants on Drug Test Results

Adulterants can have a variety of effects on drug test results. Some substances can interfere with the screening process, causing both false positive and false negative outcomes. For example, certain chemicals can disrupt the immunoassay screening tests that are commonly used in drug testing, leading to inaccurate results.

Other adulterants can destroy the drugs present in the urine sample, preventing their detection by the test. This can result in a false negative, where the test fails to detect the presence of drugs even if they were originally present in the sample.

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Consequences of Adulterating a Drug Test

The consequences of adulterating a drug test can be severe. In many states, using synthetic urine or cheating on a drug test is considered a crime or misdemeanor. Furthermore, refusing to take a drug test can have serious professional consequences, such as job loss or ineligibility for employment in certain industries.

On a personal level, a false positive or false negative result caused by adulteration can have significant consequences. False positives can lead to unnecessary legal trouble, job loss, and damage to one’s reputation. False negatives can allow individuals with substance use disorders to continue harmful behaviors without accountability.


The importance of adulterant drug tests cannot be overstated. By implementing adulterant detection tests, laboratories can ensure the reliability of drug testing results and prevent individuals from manipulating the system. Early identification of adulterants allows for proper handling of the sample and prevents the dissemination of inaccurate information that can have serious consequences. 

False-positive results of immunoassays can lead to serious medical or social consequences if not confirmed by secondary analysis. By drug testing for adulterants, we can help maintain the integrity of drug testing and ensure that the results accurately reflect an individual’s substance use. Contact Us to get your order started today!

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