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Why Order Drug Tests in Containers?

drug tests in containers

Many organizations order thousands of drug tests per day. Whether it’s for court ordered reasons, or improving the workplace, ordering drug tests in bulk has a variety of benefits. Ordering drug tests in containers can lead to substantial cost savings and an easier drug testing process. 

Let’s dive into one of the most exciting aspects of our service – our Container and Bulk Lot Prices. At 12 Panel Now, we take pride in providing high-quality drug testing supplies while ensuring that our customers experience substantial savings. Let’s explore the world of bulk purchasing and how it can benefit both businesses and individuals alike.

The Cost Benefits of Drug Tests in Containers

When it comes to drug testing supplies, quantity can often translate to savings. Our Container and Bulk Lot Prices are designed to offer unbeatable cost-efficiency, making it a smart choice for organizations, clinics, rehabilitation centers, and even individuals who require regular testing.

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When you order drug tests in containers, you can enjoy economies of scale, ultimately reducing the overall expenditure on your drug testing needs. Whether you require a large supply for a healthcare facility or an ongoing testing regimen, these savings can have a positive impact on your budget.

Simplified Procurement Process

Ordering drug tests in containers means you won’t have to worry about placing frequent orders or running out of supplies unexpectedly. Our container and bulk options ensure a steady and uninterrupted supply, saving you time and effort on repeat orders.

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No Waiting For Overseas Shipping Times

We are a local U.S. company, dedicated to providing the best customer service. This means fast shipping times for ordering drug tests at your convenience. For many resellers and wholesalers, ordering drug tests from overseas countries, such as China, can come with hefty shipping costs and long wait times. Our drug test containers include low pricing, such as $1.09 per cup without the long wait time.

Direct-to-Door Delivery

One of the most convenient aspects of our drug test container service is that we deliver directly to your door. With our Container and Bulk Lot Prices, you can save on shipping costs and enjoy the convenience of having your supplies delivered right to your location. This streamlined process means you can focus on what matters most – your testing initiatives.

Quality Assurance Guaranteed

While our prices are competitive, rest assured that quality is never compromised. We are committed to providing reliable, accurate, and consistent drug testing supplies. Our bulk purchasing options extend this quality guarantee to large quantities, ensuring that every unit meets our rigorous standards.

Dedicated Customer Support

When you choose 12 Panel Now, you’re not just getting top-notch products at unbeatable prices – you’re also gaining access to our dedicated customer support team. Whether you have questions about the purchasing process, need assistance with product selection, or require help with anything else, we’re here to provide the guidance you need.

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Looking to Order Drug Tests in Containers?

When it comes to ordering drug tests in containers, our Container and Bulk Lot Prices stand as a testament to our commitment to affordability and quality. By purchasing in bulk, you’re not only unlocking substantial cost savings but also streamlining your procurement process and ensuring a consistent supply. 

Whether you’re a healthcare professional managing a clinic, an employer maintaining a safe workplace, our Container and Bulk Lot Prices are designed to meet your requirements.

Ready to experience the benefits of buying drug tests in bulk? Explore our Container and Bulk Lot Prices today and take a step toward efficient and cost-effective testing solutions with 12 Panel Now. We are your number one drug test supplier!