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Do Outpatient Rehabs Drug Test?

outpatient drug rehab

According to (SAMHSA’s) National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 23.5 million persons aged 12 or older needed treatment for an illicit drug or alcohol abuse problem in 2009.

Outpatient rehabs provide a valuable treatment option for individuals seeking recovery from substance abuse and addiction. 

When it comes to drug testing in outpatient programs, there’s a variety of different factors that can play a role. In this blog post, we will explore these different factors so that you can be educated and informed.

Why Outpatient?

Outpatient can be offered through a partial hospitalization program (PHP), or individual counseling and group therapy. Many people find outpatient treatment convenient since it enables them to finish treatment and go home or to sober living. 

Outpatient care creates a continuity of care after more intensive therapies and is a fantastic follow-up to inpatient rehab treatment. If used properly, outpatient therapy can lower the likelihood of relapse. 

Outpatient Safety

With more independence than inpatient therapy, outpatient therapy may expose patients to more hazards and temptations. Simply said, leaving treatment for the night makes it easier to reestablish ties to the people, places, and things that contributed to your addiction.

Due to this, many patients choose to submit to drug testing while undergoing outpatient therapy. Drug testing keeps you accountable, may help you avoid temptation, and may show your loved ones how committed you are to your health.

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Court Ordered Outpatient

Outpatient drug treatment is frequently a part of the sentencing in situations where a person is found guilty of a crime that has some link to substance abuse or addiction. It’s likely that a person will have to submit to drug testing if outpatient drug treatment is mandated by a court.

In a circumstance like this, drug testing will be conducted at random. Additionally, it’s possible that the treatment facility itself won’t conduct the drug tests. Instead, a person who has been ordered by a court to rehab is probably required to report to another site for arbitrary drug testing. A person may be required to contact a specific number every day in order to find out if a drug test is planned for them that day.

Outpatient Programs

Drug testing may be used as part of some outpatient drug recovery programs’ treatment techniques. They use drug testing for a variety of purposes, including ensuring that patients are following treatment plans. 

Additionally, drug testing can be a sobriety tool that offers a technique to help someone abstain from using while receiving treatment. There are also several outpatient drug rehab programs that don’t make drug testing a stipulation for participation.

Benefits of Drug Testing in Outpatient Rehabs

There are a wide variety of benefits when it comes to drug testing in outpatient rehabs. These include but are not limited to:

  • Identifying any substance use
  • Determining treatment effectiveness
  • Providing necessary interventions or adjustments to the recovery plan
  • Keeping patients accountable
  • Supporting relapse prevention
  • And more
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Urine Cup Tests in Outpatient Rehabs

One common method of drug testing used in outpatient rehabs is the 12 panel cup test. This type of test involves collecting a urine sample from the patient, which is then analyzed for the presence of various drugs. 

12 panel urine cup tests are widely used due to their convenience, cost-effectiveness, and ability to detect a wide range of substances. These tests typically provide accurate results within a short period, allowing rehab centers to promptly assess the patient’s drug use status.

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Drug testing is a vital component of outpatient rehab programs, promoting accountability, monitoring progress, and ensuring a drug-free environment. Urine cup tests and instant drug tests are commonly employed in outpatient rehabs due to their convenience, accuracy, and quick turnaround time. 

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