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Drug Testing FAQ

Navigating the world of drug testing can often feel like walking through a maze. Whether you’re an employer implementing workplace drug testing, an athlete subjected to regular tests, or a concerned parent, you likely have questions. This article aims to address your most pressing queries and shed light on the subject. Read more about Drug testing faq.

What Are a Few of the Reasons That Individuals May Need to Test?

Read about Here are a few reasons for using a drug test cup:

Rehabs: naturally want their patients to take their treatment programs seriously. The least they want is for their patients to fall back into using illegal substances again. That’s why rehabs and similar establishments like drug treatment facilities require their patients to regularly take drug tests.

Employment: Most employers nowadays require regular and random drug testing to ensure everyone’s health, safety, and workplace productivity. They also insist applicants take a drug test as one of the requirements for hiring.

Probation offices: In recent years, the authorities discovered and later confirmed the link between drugs and crime. With this knowledge, probation officers conduct periodic drug testing for the offenders. This way, they can identify who needs special treatment.

Athletic requirements: Sports organizations want to ensure fair competition for all their athletic events, be they collegiate or professional. That’s why to rule out doping; they oblige athletes to take a drug test.

Legal purposes: Courts, probation centers, police stations, and similar government organizations require people charged with DUI and other criminal activities to undergo drug tests

Physicians: Doctors demand people to take urine screens to find out if they are on other medications, coping with addictions or taking the drugs even when they’re not supposed to.

What Makes 12 Panel Now Products Unique?

12 Panel Now’s Rapid urine drug test cups provide you with fast and accurate results. As a result, there’s no time wasted on waiting for lab results! Just open the pack, dip in the urine sample, and wait for the result.

Why Choose Our Drug Test Cups?

Our family-owned and operated business provide you with high-quality but lowest-priced drug test strips and cups. Above all, we value integrity and compassionate service. We strive to serve you better This is why we pay careful attention to all your needs and preferences, from purchasing to shipping.

We want to make sure that every transaction you make with us goes smoothly and at the lowest price, every time, all the time. And more! We also ship same-day on all transactions made before 5 pm EST to make sure you receive your order as quickly as possible. Our company takes pride in providing the best 12 panel drug testing cups on the market and we make sure our customers feel appreciated and respected.

Why Are Drug Testing Cups Great?

These cups are absolutely ideal for a lot of reasons. They’re among the most accurate cups which may be found everywhere and the price is fair if you purchase the tests in bulk quantities. Each cup includes instructions on how to correctly take the urine display sample and read it

Safety It’s leak-resistant and comes with a no-drip lid, making it safe to use and handle. No pee in your hands, which can compromise your health!

Accuracy With 99% accuracy, 12 Panel Now’s drug test cups are among the most reliable cups in the market today.

Ease of use Each cup includes instructions on how to take the urine display sample and read it correctly. There isn’t any need for additional body temperature testing or placing anything into the urine since the test strips are right in the cups. They’re all-in-one! Free Shipping is offered on purchases of 25 drug test cups or more.

For orders of 2,000 cups or more, quantity pricing is available as well. 12 Panel Now’s drug testing cups offer you one of the best deals in the industry. Not only do we have 99% accurate drug test supplies – we provide super low prices, same-day deliveries, and customer services second to none!

If You Are Unsatisfied with Any of Our Products?

If you are unsatisfied with any of our products, you can contact at 888-936-6627, every Monday-Friday between 8 am – 7 pm EST. 12 Panel Now provides you with quality and affordable drug tests in bulk that delivers fast and accurate results. We commit to fulfill this mission while also following the procedure for returns.


  • Unfortunately, all opened drug and alcohol products, like Drug Test Cups, are non-refundable.
  • However, you can return unopened products for a full refund of the cost of the item, excluding freight.
  • You can only return products if we shipped them in our error or the product is deemed defective by 12 Panel Now after thorough investigation.
  • Additionally, the product must be returned in new condition, with the original packaging and all the included accessories.
  • Also, we do not refund misused products or if the procedures for test confirmation (gc/ms or lc/ms) were not followed thoroughly. In this case, all the manufacturer’s warranties will automatically expire.

What Products Do We Have to Offer?

We offer:

Rest assured that all 12 Panel Now products are accurate and have passed the rigorous standards of CLIA and FDA.

Can You Work at a Doctor’s Office and Need a Trusted Source for Urine Testing Cups?

Doctors need these drug test cups regularly, for both their patients and employees. A drug-free workplace is a concern for many employers.  It is for this reason that many consider implementing drug screening procedures within their company. We know that all workers in a doctor’s office need to be drug-free. It’s because a staff member who shows up “high” at work can put patients’ health and safety at risk. And yes, it can compromise the clinic’s reputation and insurance coverage.

This is why regularly administering a urine test is a must – to ensure that nothing goes wrong for everyone in the clinic. So if you want to be certain you have a group of workers that isn’t violating your insurance plan by getting high at work look no farther than 12 Panel Now for all your bulk testing cup buys. Not only do we have superior quality drug test cups.

We also have great deals for you! It is a reliable and economical source for all your bulk testing cup buys and we can assist you in providing durable, quality urine tests that are safe and easy to use. For professionals in the Healthcare industry, regular purchasing of urine drug tests may be necessary. In this instance, 12 Panel Now provides bulk pricing for quantity buys.

What’s the Most Important Thing about Rapid Drug Testing?

Safety and efficiency When you’re performing drug testing for private or government establishments, you want to ensure that the drug test cups you’re using are safe, efficient, and reliable. Even cups with microscopic leaks can put you and everyone present at risk for potential infectious diseases. This is why we at 12 Panel Now implement a strict quality control process. Because we want your drug testing process to be as safe and as efficient as possible.

Accuracy All our urine drug test cups go through and pass the stringent standards of CLIA and FDA, two formidable government organizations in the field of drug testing.

Safety Additionally, the locking lids, rounded design, and leak-resistant features will keep your employees and your institution safe from unwanted spills and contamination.

Affordability Our drug testing cups provide one of the most cost-effective ways to perform drug screenings.  Purchase our drug screen test cups in bulk, and receive special wholesale pricing! For those interested in bulk buys, a quantity of 2,000 cups or more will qualify for a significantly discounted rate.

What Drugs Do 12 Panel Now Tests Test For?

We supply drug testing kits that detect a

range of drugs including the ones listed below.

How Accurate are At-Home Drug Tests?

The 12 panel Urine Drug Tests are an easy-to-use test that is suitable in a Clinical Environment as well as for home use. This urine drug test is CLIA waived and FDA approved as well.  The drug test is extremely sensitive and conforms to SAMHSA cutoff levels. New lower cut-offs make this the ideal urine analysis test for pain management and addiction screening. Each 12 Panel drug test cup possesses a 99% accuracy rate and is also very comprehensive to use for at-home drug testing.  This is a fully integrated and self-contained Drug screening cup.

How Do You Use Drug Test Strips?

Here’s how to use a test strip:

  1. Remove the strip from the sealed pouch or canister. For best results, only open the packet if you intend to use it immediately.
  2. Hold the strip in the area where you can see the label. Do not touch the membrane to avoid contamination.
  3. Hold the strip vertically. Dip it in the specimen for at least 10-15 seconds. Do not soak past the maximum line of the strip.
  4. Once done, remove the strip from the specimen. Then, place it on a non-absorbent flat surface.
  5. Start the timer and wait for the colored band to appear.
  6. Read the result within 5 minutes. Do not interpret after 10 minutes as this might lead to a false result.

Can Urine Drug Test Detect Pregnancy?

Those interested in a multi-drug test that detects pregnancy levels can purchase a 14-panel urine drug test.

How to Prepare for a Drug Testing?

Here are some things you can do to prepare for drug testing:

  • Keep yourself hydrated so you can produce a sufficient amount of urine.
  • If you’re taking a prescription medication, bring it with you. Make sure you inform the technician about it.
  • It is good practice to avoid bringing unnecessary belonging into the testing area. The donor may be asked to remove the contents of their pockets before the test starts.

How Long Does a Drug Test Take?

Results of the 12 Panel CLIA waived Drug Test Cup can be viewed in as little as two minutes or less, although it is recommended that you assess the urine specimen five minutes after the drug test has been taken. Do not wait longer than eight minutes to interpret the result. The 12 Panel Drug Test cup should be stored in a temperature-regulated room between 36 degrees and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not remove the drug test cups from their seals until they’re ready for use.

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