Stay at home

Stay at home

Social distance and staying at home have never been more important. Why? 

Reports show that new variants of coronavirus found in the UK, Brazil, and South Africa (so far) are more transmissible, able to evade vaccine protection, and maybe even cause deadlier disease. 

With that being said, medical experts urge people of the United States to keep social distance and stay at home at all costs to stop the spread of COVID-19.

True, we feel like we’re going insane, too. And we also feel like we can’t stand this COVID-19 pandemic situation anymore, and to us this seems like the new normal. And maybe it is.

So what can be done with so much spare time (if you have it at all)? 

We tried some of these activities and we wholeheartedly recommend some.

Try reading. Whatever makes your head occupied, whether it is a romantic novel, crazy thriller, or just a travel guide.

Keep up with your loved ones in a funny way

Write letters to your friends and family, relatives or acquaintances. Maybe someone is having a bad day, a week, or even a month due to coronavirus worries. Be nice and kind to people. It will make you feel better.

Play games if you are not alone at home or try playing online. There are decent games that can keep your mind busy, beneficial games, or just interesting to play.

Learn new things

Start learning new things such as languages or geography. It will make you think about different countries and continents, which will make you more enthusiastic to keep learning and maybe planning your next trip. Why not?

While we’re at it, try to Google “virtual trip” and pick one every day. It will take your mind off of the current situation.

A fan of puzzles?

Puzzles and jigsaw puzzles are one hell of fun if you’re into it. We are and we never get tired of it. If you ever do, maybe you can decide to frame them and hang them in your own home. This is actually an excellent idea because this way you have made something interesting for your interior design and had fun while doing it. Coronavirus and the quarantine have nothing on you!

Do you watch TV?

If you’re a fan of TV shows, start watching a new one because in that department options are unlimited. Watch movies, if you like them better than TV shows. While you’re planning this, with or without anyone else, bake something (new).

Fresh air is good for body and mind

If you’re a fan of outdoor activities, don’t forget to mow the lawn, fix those lights on the porch, organize that basement, or clean the backyard. We are 100% positive that you will find too many things that you don’t need. And you will probably have work left for tomorrow, too.

This way you can make the best out of this horrible pandemic situation.

If you live in an apartment, oh well… no backyards and lawns for you to take care of. But hey, we are still 100% positive that you have things in your closets that you don’t wear anymore, or have forgotten that you ever bought them.

So here’s an idea: pack them up and send them to the nearest Red Cross. Someone will use it. And there’s a great probability that someone desperately needs it. Again, you’ll help someone else & yourself at the same time because helping those in need will make you feel better.

If you have any knowledge or expertise in psychology, and/or medical skills, try helping others by volunteering at the call centers.  

If you are the one that needs help, do not hesitate to ask for it. Multiple websites and call centers are available 24/7 such as,,, etc.

The important thing to know is that the help is just one call away and that you are never alone, even if it feels like you are.

What if you have to go out? 

Then go out. But stay safe and stay away from other people.

Unfortunately, there is no way that you can not think about the coronavirus at all. Some of us have to go to work every day, leave or pick up the kids from wherever they’re staying while we go to work, or go to the grocery store.

But can you make sure that you are safe and sound after every one of these? 

Yes. We are not joking right now.

There’s a rapid serology test, FDA authorized Point-of-care antibody test, CLIA waived test that can give you results in only 15 minutes. It’s called Fast step and you can order it on our website! Shipping is free, and you are aware of your health status today.

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